On Sept 23, the Board will hold an Action Meeting at 4 p.m. Find materials here.

Parent Flat Rate (payment) Program continues for eligible families who opt out of a bus, van or cab assignment. Contact your school’s transportation representative or visit HERE for more info.

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Stay up to date on Back-to-School info including bell schedules, transportation Fare Cards and more HERE!

The Child Tax Credit provides eligible families with $250 or $300 per child per month from the IRS! Learn more HERE.

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Looking for the OEC Middle School virtual site? Follow this link: https://sites.google.com/philasd.org/oecmiddle.

Alt Text: Retro style flyer with orange and purple bubble font header that reads: "OEC Open House. Friday, August 27th, 1 PM to 3 PM." Purple body text is a bulleted list, reads as follows: "Meet the staff & say hello to your teachers! Learn about our academic and attendance goals and our vision for the year. Know our start time and end time and get your class schedule. Check out the annex building renovation. Pick up a staff contact sheet so you know who to go to for what. Pick up your transpass if you are eligible." On the bottom of the flyer, an orange, pink, and yellow cartoon backpack sits beside a purple box with text inside that says "Make sure to stop by the gym to pick up a free backpack loaded with school supplies. There's one for every student!"

There is no other school in the world like Overbrook Educational Center…

We are a K-8 public school located in West Philadelphia that serves a unique population of learners. If you are reading this right now, then you are unlike 27% of the students at OEC who are unable to read this print without magnification, technology aides, large print or braille. Slightly under 1/3 of our student population is blind or visually impaired (VI). Our ultimate objective is to prepare students to honor the diverse learner by providing excellent instruction for all students. Come explore everything we have to offer!


we Own our actions (O)

We work together and have a shared responsibility for what we do and our learning.

we put forth our best Effort to excel (E)

We have high expectations to be prepared for high school, college, and career.

we Care for all (C)

We honor diversity, partner with our community, and celebrate each other’s success.

The 2021-22 OEC School Plan is now available for public review. Please provide any feedback here.